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 [MAGAZINE] [07/10/10] Gala #41/2010 [Germany]

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PostSubject: [MAGAZINE] [07/10/10] Gala #41/2010 [Germany]   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:43 am

"Girls like muscles"

Tom Kaulitz, guitarist from Tokio Hotel, about fitness, Katy Perry and his viagra-accident

No, he said during the Gala-Interview in Hamburg. There is no competion-thinking between him and his twin-brother. Tom Kaulitz: "I was only up for this, doing a project on my own, without Bill and Tokio Hotel." The result: The 21-year-old is walking solo in the sporty area. As a testimonial for classic Reebock-sneakers.

Gala: How many shoes do you have at home?

Tom: For the daily use, I have about 50 shoes, because they always have to fit colour-coordinated to my outfit. More blatant is the band-fundus. I can choose between hundreds of designs, which is the best.

Gala: You advertise for sneaker. How sporty are you?

Tom: Three times a week I go to the barbell-training. Whereby, sport doesn't flash me in general, but it's simply good for me. Besides, girls love if you have more muscles.

Gala: By the way girls, since six years Tokio Hotel causes worldwide hysteria by the female fans. Is it sometimes too much?

Tom: I can't get enough from fans. They give me an extreme energy. Unfortunatly our life brings also stalkers along. That's just unreal, what kind of sick and dangerous people are out there. People, who don't know boundaries.

Gala: Humanoid, the current album, doesn't sell in Germany as much as the previous ones. Dissapointed?

Tom: As an artist I don't keep an eye on the numbers. I expierence our success in unity.

Gala: Us-artist Katy Perry currently badmouthed Tokio Hotel. She made fun about "guys, who use make up" and said "You are gay!" What happend?

Tom: Oh, the good one is obviously still annoyed, that we snatched away the MTV-Music award as "Best Newcomer" in 2008. But the gay-bashing wasn't meant to be serious. We already met backstage and everthing was fine.

Gala: You are permanent together with your twin-brother Bill. Do you annoy eachother sometimes?

Tom: No, we talk the same language. It is strange, but we really feel always the same and in every situation we know exactly what's in the mind of the other.

Gala: Is a steady girlfriend a topic?

Tom: Momentarly I have none, but I like the imagination to have one.

Gala: So far, you missed nothing...

Tom: For me it was extremly important to have as much fun as possible. But now I am already a 21-year-old young man. With age you become more relaxed. But I don't know, whether I am a person for a steady releationship. Maybe even by being 40, I still have only affairs.

Gala: In May, your fun went so far, that during a groupie-date there was a viagra-accident. You should swallowed an overdose?

Tom: Well, during our Asia-Tour, there were some elder dudes, over 30, and they use to swallow it regulary and they swarmed from the effect. Of course I had to check what's all about.

Scan & Translation by TH - Info
Credit to TH - Info


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PostSubject: Re: [MAGAZINE] [07/10/10] Gala #41/2010 [Germany]   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:15 pm

Ui!!! Không thể biết được mình có thể iu Tom bao nhiêu


Super everything TOM KAULITZ :*
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[MAGAZINE] [07/10/10] Gala #41/2010 [Germany]

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